I grew up in Indiana, and I find that a lot of my writing reflects that time period and location. I had the wonderful opportunity – thanks Mom and Dad – of spending time each summer with my grandparents, so while I was raised in a suburban setting, I also learned about life in the country, and in the “big city.” My Dad worked at Breed Power Plant for most of his career, and my Mom stayed at home until her youngest entered school, then went to work herself – first at an elementary school woking with developmentally delayed children, and then at a department store.

I attended Indiana State University and then Purdue University for college and worked for Bechtel until my first child was born. I recently graduated Summa cum Laude from Arizona State University with my BA in the English Creative Writing program. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Education from The University of Arizona.

When I am not busy writing, I am playing with my chidren and serving my church and community. I love to spend time wth my friends and family. It is a passion of mine. My favorite thing of life, though, is spending time with my husband, Randy.