Sophomore English Expectancy Sheet

The course expectancy sheet below is given to students at the beginning of each new class session. One purpose of the expectancy sheet is to set the tone for the class. Clear boundaries, an outline of routines, and a review of classroom expectations allow the student to have ownership toward the classroom environment and learning outcomes.

InTASC Standards

The course expectancy sheet contains contact information, and a letter to the parents, which supports InTASC Standard 1(k): The teacher values the input and contributions of families, colleagues, and other professionals in understanding and supporting each learner’s development. The communication aspect of the course expectancy sheet also supports InTASC Standard 3(q): The teacher seeks to foster respectful communication among all members of the learning community.

The course expectancy sheet outlines norms, expectations, routines, and organizational structures, manages the learning environment, and shares how students can work with the teacher to support a safe, productive learning environment. These elements support InTASC Standards 3(a, d, and k).

The course expectancy sheet invites the student to meet with the instructor if he or she is struggling, which supports InTASC Standard 6(q): The teacher is committed to engaging learners actively in assessment processes and to developing each learner’s capacity to review and communicate about their own progress and learning.

The calendar element of the course expectancy sheet outlines the semester plan, and demonstrates InTASC Standard 7(p): The teacher takes professional responsibility to use short- and long-term planning as a means of assuring student learning.

The course calendar in the expectancy sheet notes that the calendar is subject to change according to learner needs and changing circumstances which supports InTASC Standard 7(q): The teacher believes that plans must always be open to adjustment and revision based on learner needs and changing circumstances.

ISTE NET-S Standards

The course expectancy sheet invites students to join Edmodo, an online collaborative learning environment. Students will regularly use Edmodo to engage in and respond to close readings of non-fiction texts. This activity supports ISTE NET-S Standards 1 (c, and d), 2 (a, c, and d), 3(c), and 4 (b).

Bonnell_expectancy_Page_1 Bonnell_expectancy_Page_2 Bonnell_expectancy_Page_3 Bonnell_expectancy_Page_4 Bonnell_expectancy_Page_5 Bonnell_expectancy_Page_6

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