Lord of the Flies Island Maps

I have collected some samples of student work from my sophomore English class with student permission.  The items I have collected are samples of student group work in response to reading Lord of the Flies, by William Golding.  For this project my students had to draw their conception of the island on which the boys were stranded and also draw six major events that have taken place. I introduced the project when the class had completed Chapter 6.

At this point in the novel the main themes, the setting, and the characters are well developed and the story  is ready to make some major plot twists. Pausing here in the story gives students the opportunity to synthesize their reading and use a creative method to summarize their experience with the novel, so far.

The InTASC Standards that are met by this item  are 1(b), 1(d), 2(a), 2(g), 3(j), 3(o), 6(k), 6(t), 7(a), 7(c), and 8(e). The project was a collaborative classroom experience. Students worked in groups of three and four. The students were given a rubric with the required items: nine island elements and six events. The rubric also contained a sketch of an island to scaffold the experience for all levels of learners. The students enjoyed the opportunity to use their artistic talents to respond to the novel. Students were responsible for the collaborative sketch, and also an individual worksheet where they recorded the events from the novel.

The worksheet:


Honors English II used the worksheet and completed the drawing as group work on poster board:

flies 1 flies 2

flies 3

English II completed the project individually on 8.5 x 11 paper:

LotF map Snell LotF map Snell worksheet LotF map Nepita LotF map Mason LotF map Chacon