A Statement of Teaching Philosophy

“I Believe” Statement

I believe in children. Our children are the future, and I believe in the future. Each child has talents and gifts and contributes a unique personality to our world. I will help students develop their talents so they can lead meaningful and productive lives.

I believe in respect. I believe in a learning environment where students feel safe to share with each other, and explore their own interests and their own learning desires. I respect the desires of students to learn things that are relevant and meaningful to them. I will establish a classroom where respect and thoughtful discourse are supported through balanced discipline and inquiry. Students will enter my classroom and know that they are safe to explore their ideas openly, and to express their knowledge and opinions without fear of reprisal.

I believe in ability. I believe in the ability of each student to excel. Children are amazing, and each child has the ability to contribute, and to learn. I will nurture the ability to learn and contribute. Students in my class will know that life has not left them behind, and that the world is open to them for their learning, and their contributions.

I believe in education. I believe in the ideal of lifelong learning, the joy of learning, and the idea of learning just to learn. I, personally, love to learn. I believe that my passion for learning will inspire my students to embrace the opportunities that education provides them. Students in my class will have the chance to love learning, and become lifelong learners.