Transcripts and Certification Reports

My college transcripts include classes from a range of disciplines and content areas which supports InTASC Standard 5: i, and j. The transcripts also display expertise in the fields of English Literature, Creative Writing, and Education, along with the corresponding academic language, standards, and learning progressions associated with those disciplines which support InTASC Standard 4: j, k, l, and n. The transcripts show diversity in education which supports InTASC Standard 4: o, p, and q.

Graduating Summa cum Laude from Arizona State University supports InTASC Standards 4r, and 5i.

The English Creative Writing degree backs thinking creatively, as well as how to engage and challenge others to these ends which supports InTASC Standard 5o.

Graduate studies in Education teach how to create varied learning experiences which support InTASC Standard 3i, and assessments which supports InTASC Standard 6a.

The SEI classes emphasize adapting to the needs of a vast array of students which supports InTASC Standard 8a.

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